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We are the only agency willing to work for free, so that we know we can produce you results before charging you anything. Sign up for our risk-free strategy session and see the results for yourself.

We have deep industry knowledge.

Imagine taking your venue's revenue to new heights and bringing home more profit than ever before. With our help, it's possible. We have deep industry knowledge and a proven track record of success in the wedding venue space. Our founders even exited a highly profitable venue for 7 figures.

We deliver results quickly.

As a busy venue owner, we know that your marketing budget is probably tight. That's why we want to make sure you're spending your money on tactics that produce truly insane results. At My Growth Geek, our goal is to only work with clients who truly benefit from our services. That's why we offer a risk-free guarantee: if we don't produce results within 30 days, you don't pay us a dime.

We're the gift that keeps on giving.

Our goal is to make your life as a venue owner easier, not harder. That's why we utilize technology to enhance your operations and sales with pre-built systems. You can sit back and watch signed contracts roll in while we handle the follow-up with leads and track your pipeline.

Don't waste any more of your marketing budget on ineffective tactics. Trust us to get you the high quality leads you deserve, without breaking the bank.

"My Growth Geek literally tripled our lead volume in 6 weeks with qualified couples, which we started booking 2-4 new contracts per month from. That's an increase of $10-20k per month profit for me!"

Giselle Hindley Wales, Venue Owner, Casa Lantana

Welcome to My Growth Geek, the only dedicated marketing agency for Wedding Venues.

A structured process that delivers your venue results in 30 days or less.






Results that are undeniable

Kiss goodbye to only getting leads from expensive wedding listings sights... you know the ones. We deliver results or your money back. Get higher quality leads with less budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incase you needed some answers on how this is even possible.

How does your guarantee work?

Simple. You don't pay us until we deliver. We deliver a certain amount of qualified tour bookings that actually show up in the first 30 days. If we don't hit the level discussed in our strategy session, then you don't pay us.

Can your team do more than lead generation?

Absolutely! We aren't just a lead generation agency. We are your sales partner. Our entire mission is to help venue owners close more deals. So we run advertising, call leads, prequalify them, book them into your schedule, and make sure they show up.

Why do we do a guarantee like this? Aren't you scared of doing a lot of work and maybe not getting paid?

We only want to work with venues that we actually produce results for. Our goal is to partner with your venue for years to come so we want to make it an easy decision to get started on growing your venue.

What other value do I get by working with My Growth Geek?

How does not having qualified tours walk through your venue doors without you needing to lift a finger? That's right we follow up with the leads, qualify them, book them into the calendar, and make sure they show up. You just do what you do best, close contracts.

How does the free strategy session work?

Our team of strategists will do an analysis of your website, deliver you a report for free, go over your goals, and share helpful tips on how to grow your venue. We provide value upfront, no strings attached in the hopes you'll consider working with us.

Book your FREE 30-minute strategy call now.

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